How I can help you

Career Coaching

  • Communicate how your unique skills, talents and experiences make you stand out

  • Understand where the challenges and hurdles have been in your career, and come up with a plan to overcome them

  • Gain clarity around what you want to do with the rest of your working life

  • Make the most of LinkedIn and networking to have opportunities come your way

  • Master the techniques to perform at your best during job interviews

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About me

Business Psychologist

Employee Experience Consultant

Founder of Business Purpose


My Experience:

  • Senior Consultant with IBM – Talent Management insights for over 20 UK and international clients across industries.

    • Future job skills consultant​

    • Assessment design and best practice

    • Industry tendencies analytics

  • Consultant with the United Nations – Supporting SME businesses.

  • Founder of Business Purpose – Helping business leaders define, create and sustain great company cultures. 

  • Education: MSc Organisational and Social Psychology from the London School of Economics.

  • Coaching: Diploma in Transformational Coaching (ICF accredited) and IBM Blue Core Coaching programme graduate.

There are things that are, and are not in our control.

Clarity is revealed when we accept and let go of what isn't in our control.

Success comes when we master what is in our control.