Using Storytelling to Talk about Your Professional Journey

Storytelling is an effective way to reflect on the past, present and future of your career – and to talk about it with confidence. The below tips are based on my experience with what questions have worked best for my clients in the career coaching context. Some ways how this can help you:

  • Organise thoughts around your CV, website and LinkedIn profile

  • Talk about your experience with confidence during a job interview

  • Shape the way you present yourself while networking

Designed to facilitate self-reflection, and to inspire new, creative thinking about how you can communicate your personal brand to others through connecting with your personal story. Below are the 3 steps to reflect on your professional journey so far. I invite you to give them some thought, but also have fun with them.

The 3 Steps to Use Storytelling to Talk about Your Career

One: What Is Your “Origin Story”

  • Focus: Reflective Gratitude for the Past

  • What challenges did you have to overcome to become the professional that you are?

  • What role figures, mentors, events have affected you and proved to be pivotal moments in your career journey?

  • What do you believe to be “true” in this life, and how has that belief affected your work life?

Two: What Is Your “Superpower”

  • Focus: The Value That You Bring

  • What do others say you are great at?

  • What is the unique perspective that you bring?

  • What does a team / company / project miss if you’re not part of it?

Three: What Is the “Quest” That You’re on (a.k.a. Your Purpose)

  • Focus: Looking Forward while Grounded in the Present 

  • What challenges have you helped others to overcome?

  • What is your definition of “the bright future” for yourself?

  • What is the “mantra” that you are telling yourself?

Take a few moments to think about what thoughts, feelings and emotions come up for you when you reflect on the past, present and future of your professional journey. This exercise will work best if you write your thoughts down.

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